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How to choose garden machinery and equipment?(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2013-09-20
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Choose garden machinery and equipment to consider the following factors:
1, productive: refers to the introduction of new machinery and equipment can bring benefits, generally in garden machinery and equipment in the amount of work per unit time is represented.
2, security: refers garden machinery and equipment for production safety protection performance.
3, adaptability: Consider the resilience of machinery and equipment.
4, the reliability: reliability of continuous operation higher.
5, environmental protection: consideration of equipment noise, vibration, sealing, pollution.
6, economy: refers to the period of the useful life of equipment, saving money, energy and ability. When the machinery and equipment to achieve a virtuous circle of economic indicators, the production and management will to a more advanced, more scientific and more reasonable direction.
7, after considering the above aspects, the use of equipment cycle cost evaluation methods for technical and economic feasibility and investment-benefit analysis, choose the best program.

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