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Garden machinery manufacturing enterprises should take advantage of the exhibition to enhance the corporate image(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2013-09-20
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    China Garden shelterbelts April 19 news: "Micro- farming machine 100 sets, lawn machine 10 ." At the recent International Garden Machinery Exhibition in Guangzhou , Zhejiang, a machinery manufacturing enterprises in the exhibition launched soon signed a few single business. However, the company 's general manager thinks this is not enough for the Road harvest . He said that for years , he participated in numerous domestic and foreign large-scale industry exhibition , the annual capital investment at the show on more than one million yuan , while the show brought him a comprehensive benefits are far greater than the input. " After attending the show , we have to immediately prepare the Canton Fair booth layout ." The manager said , as well as Shanghai and other places after the show waiting for him. It seems that he really is a truly a " show of people ."
    "To participate in the show's fundamental purpose is to sell , but through the exhibition to enhance the corporate image and influence is more important ." Reporters very much agree with the manager 's remarks . I remember an Institute of China Ministry of Commerce Convention and Exhibition Center for Economic Research (CICER) survey research reports have shown that a mature exhibitors for exhibitors generally have a very accurate positioning , exhibiting the fundamental purpose is to sell , while exhibiting objectives may there are many . German research institute IFO had famous multinational Exhibition Group Exhibition held in Munich, Germany the world's largest mechanical engineering equipment class exhibition BAUMA, conducted a " target exhibitors ' survey , the results show , exhibitors goals enhance their visibility is 85 % , contacts and meet new customers and old customers 70% market share through the exhibition 63% of promotional products , introducing new products 60% , improve product awareness 58% ...... finally signed sales contracts , accounting for only 29%.
    Seen on the mature exhibitors concerned, they know that business as an organization has more influence than any kind of product strength, and exhibitions as a neutral bridge connecting customers and markets for professional audiences , most influential addition to product performance and price , the more critical is the strength of enterprises . The enterprise market for product supply and service support capabilities and ability to execute . Therefore, the focus on the well-known exhibition " display corporate image", should become the primary exhibitors exhibitors goals.

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